Solar Installation Services

In order to ensure that the right solar panel system will be installed you need to find the right solar installation partner.  It's important the solar company  that you choose has the right experience, solar crews and excellent customer service to stand behind the solar system installed.

Solar Financing

When it comes to having solar panels installed on your property you need to decide how it's going to be setup financially.  With 100% solar financing, Solar Lease and Solar PPA options available there are good choices that can be made.  Speaking a qualified solar specialist is a good way to make sure you are making the best choice when going solar.

Solar Incentives in New Jersey & New York

If you live, or operate a business, in New Jersey and New York  you have a few very nice incentives that you can take advantage of.  On the Federal level you can take a Federal Income Tax credit, which is 30% of the system cost.  If this is a commercial solar investment you can also taked advantage of accelerated depreciation.  In New Jersey the State offers Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, or SRECs, which allow you to monetize the solar energy you produce, separate from the actual USE of the electricity.  New York State offers State solar rebates and State income tax credits.  If you live in New York City you can also receive Property Tax Abatements.

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Solar Energy

Solar panels create electricity by converting the solar rays to electricity.

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